THE INTERVIEW - Click "HERE" to watch the video of Master Painter Daniel Austin talking about his life and explains the concepts behind his vibrant and revolutionary art movement - "INTERPRESSIONISM".
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    Special Thank You!

    Thanks to all of you for visited this historic art exhibit at the African-American Research Library & Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now you have been witnessed the birth of "INTERPRESSIONISM" movement in the United States. It is also your responsibility to keep this new revolutionary art movement alive, by educating or referring it to your friends, family, and throughout your community at large.  The venue was perfect for the size, scope and soul of the exhibit. This art exhibit was one of the largest volume of work of Master Daniel Austin in one place. Over 120 paintings in all sizes. We want to send a special thanks to Commissioner D.C. Holness for his kind words during the opening reception of this exhibit. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Wilson, Director of Broward County Main Library and to the staff at the AARLCC, for their help and support. A special thanks to all the students from SAIL High School of Orlando, Fl and to the group of 25 members of Youth Department of Pensacola, Florida for coming witnessing the birth of this new art movement.


                                                                        [ Watch The Interview ]