To understand the meaning of a word we need to know: where this word comes from? or what it is origin? Therefore, interpressionism fail into this nomenclature of definition. In-ter-pression-ism, by default interpressionism comes from a group of Latin words: (an- tar- presser), where inter- prefix (interred, entre, enter, inter): that means between the limits of ~, or to penetrate deeply our subconscious mind~, and press -ion (pressare, pressus, past participle of premere to press: which means to inculcate strongly (as an attitude or an opinion). Also means concise, precise, and an exact expression from within. It is the ability to reach your inner freedom and to envisioning things to your own and unique perspective. "interpressionism is the interconnection of the reality to the abstract". It is a combination of the formal elements of art to the informal elements of art."


Interpression v: Action. The act or fact of what could be mutually interpressioning such as: Plastic Art (painting), Sculpture, Music, Dance, Literature, Poetry, philosophy, etc.). Example, Daniel Austin is giving an interpression on his zero canvas of a person walking two dogs.


Interpressionability n: The quality of state of being mutually interpressionable.


interpressionable adj. (interpression + - ism, - able): Capable of being interpression.


Interpressionative adj. (interpression + ative): The quality of being interpressionism. Example: Paintings, sculptures, arts, designs, literature, music, that give a visual representation, or an emotional sense of the originality.


Interpressionation n: The act, or the result of interpressioning: Explanation of what is not immediately plain or explicit. In fine art, dance, sculpture, design, photography, or literature. It is a representation image of the extraordinary or from an internal conflict. In music, dance, literature it is a representation in performance delivery, or a criticism of the thought and mood of the artist, or its producer. Especially as penetrated by the personality of the interpreter in which the player seeks not to copy or to reproduce, but to create to another form the express the struggle and the passion of man.


Interpress n. f: In search of the true from an original perspective. Application of good judgment and none partiality to compromise the true through an originality during the transmission and the diffusion of the news.


Interpressnet n. m: Utilization of the media (or social networking and internet as mode of broadcasting a news. Another way of diffusing the news or reporting an event on social network.


Interpressionate adv: interpressio, past participle of interpressionari, to give an interpression.


Interpressionology n. f: Theory; Study of what could be mutually interpressioning. Example: (Painting, sculpture, music, dance, literature, and philosophy).


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