The AFRICAN-AMERICAN RESEARCH LIBRARY & CULTURAL CENTER of Broward Blvd is proudly presents: The "INTERPRESSIONISM" movement by Master Painter Daniel Austin throughout the month of May 2018. This Art exhibit covering 5000 sq feet, it is a compilation of 35 years of research and achievement.
"THE INTERVIEW" MASTER PAINTER DANIEL AUSTIN UNBUTTONED BY BECON TV: The Artist talks about his life and explaining the concepts and philosophy of this new, vibrant, and revolutionary art movement - "INTERPRESSIONISM". Click "HERE" to watch the video
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     Pre-approved sellers to sell fine art in the Gallery Fine Art category.

    What we sell !

    • Original Artworks of Master Daniel Austin: One of a kind paintings, watercolors, drawings (ink, pastel, charcoal) and two-dimensional mixed media; other artist's artworks.
    • Art prints in a limited edition work reproduction of a maximum of 250 copies. The only edition of the work published in that size (the same image can also have editions of up to 250 in other sizes).
    • All of our prints are numbered (X/XX) and hand signed, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the Artist and stating the number of the print (X/XX). When we sale other artist's artworks that we own, the work will be accompanied with, the Artist proofs or color test proofs (CTP) on edition.  
    • On Secondary-sale works (artwork with a sales history): Works will be authenticated by the seller; the gallery will received first the proof of purchase or title for the work in order to provide it to the buyer; listings should include provenance (with sales history), if applicable.
    Other Artworks:

    The following types of art are supported and may be listed in the Gallery Fine Art Store:

    • Our three dimensional artwork, such as sculptures.
    •  Our Arts and Crafts textiles,etc.

    Become a Seller Associate .

    Interpressionism Art website allows pre-approved sellers to promote, advertise our artwork, and to sell them for us. If you are interested of becoming a Seller Associate, apply and create an Account with us. We ask for proof and verification. Once approved you will be given an account number that will give you access to our store. to apply please send your info to:


    Attention Master Daniel Austin
     C/o Sir Austin Interpressionism Art Gallery
    PO  BOX  450727 FT. LAUDERDALE
    Fl 33345-0727.
    Tel. (954) 909 4541