" The Interpressionism Movement"     

Ladies and gentlemen,

Plato and Aristotle believed that human beings are distinguished from the other beings by the possession of reason and quote: "The perfection of reason is wisdom, and the pursuit of wisdom is philosophy". Socrates before being summoned to trial by the city of Piraeus embraced the philosophy as well. He questioned everyone and everything, while he claims to know only that he knows nothing. The context, in which he expressed this thought, was when he was talking about the ideas as the essence of things, as if they were the only real things.

We believe that every human being has genius level talent and potential. But the essential and ultimate question we need to ask ourselves is: When, or at what stage of our lives our mentality is being free from the one of 'Homo Erectus' (Man fabric) and  transformed to the mentality of "Homo Sapiens" (Man intelligentsia)?

Probably this is the darkness of our minds that Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates spent their entire existence questioning and trying to understand. The solution to this problematic you will find it, of course, in the story of the cave in the book “The Republic” of Plato, that the French philosopher Jean J. Rousseau also said,  "the greatest book ever written in philosophy", and quote:

"Human beings are in the darkness where the only illumination is from a fire behind them and the only things they see are the shadows cast on the wall in front of them (…). These poor souls see only the dim shadows of images and believe them to be the only reality. Somehow, and mysteriously someone escapes and makes things as they really are, and he goes back to tell the others that what they believe to be true is only an illusion of the reality. Now they are convinced that he has lost his mind. Because he does not believe what they all believe. For this fact, he no longer belongs, he has become a stranger.”

It is perhaps, this wisdom that Socrates saw in his protégé Alcibiades: a tremendous intelligence. The question that is open for future debates, of course is: Could Alcibiades understand the powerful ability of his mind and the capability of passionately pursuit of what he loves (i.e. his unique art form of expression, philosophy and wisdom,) no matter what others think about him?

Ladies and gentlemen it is a privilege and an honor to introduce you to this trend of expression. This revolutionary new concept: The "INTERPRESSIONISM" movement. 


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