THE WEEKEND ART BASEL IS OVER IN MIAMI, BUT WE ARE STILL HERE: Shop with us during the holiday seasons and get yourself a special gift, or give to your Friends & Family an original or a Limited Edition One -of-a- kind rare pieces of Master Daniel Austin "Artwork Signature". Your and your Friends & Family will enjoy this gift for years to come. It can even contributing equity to your wealth. (Remember Art is Beauty, Joy, and a valuable Asset of wealth.)
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    This series of drawing and paintings are few of Austin realistic work. They are part of a group study: "Capture, Perception, and Persuasion". They are made as statement to demonstrate Master Daniel Austin 'deja vu' theory, and and also to show his artistic gift and talent. In this series Austin wants to open his conservative door to a constructive dialogue with the academic world. He once challenge the gifted and talented artists to use their God giving talent to create, but not to reproduce or to recreate the "deja vu", or the already seen. Meaning recreate the work of masters on a zero canvas. Still most of the talented artists don't have an originality and a signature, because they don't known how to create their own master pieces". "Instead of looking to recreate the "deja vu" traditional, learn how to close your eyes to the academic and start creating from within". "Yes some of them are very talented and gifted, the question is what they do with it?.