THE WEEKEND ART BASEL IS OVER IN MIAMI, BUT WE ARE STILL HERE: Shop with us during the holiday seasons and get yourself a special gift, or give to your Friends & Family an original or a Limited Edition One -of-a- kind rare pieces of Master Daniel Austin "Artwork Signature". Your and your Friends & Family will enjoy this gift for years to come. It can even contributing equity to your wealth. (Remember Art is Beauty, Joy, and a valuable Asset of wealth.)
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    When tragedy happened to one of us it affect all of us as, because we are human beings. Natural catastrophes tragedies as well as terrorist act and atrocities committed by human being on human beings are uncomprehending and unbelievable. They brought us to the bottom line of our being. When those unimaginable things happened, we all become weak and vulnerable and left us to understand how uncertain life is. I always been touched by those atrocities events. Today I learn to become more stronger by humbling myself, loving life, and respect my other human beings. This Series of paintings is my way of remembering all the victims from the tragedies and from some extraordinary atrocity events that happened in the world. It is our ways to always remember those victims and to keep them in our memory. No, we cannot forget them.