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    One-of-a-Kind Rare Pieces of Artwork

    One-of-a-Kind Rare Pieces of Artwork

    Daniel Austin has been particularly active in the production of top-quality paintings for the past 30 years. His artwork is now part of a collections of more than 350 pieces. All his work are meticulously painted, drawn, and sketched by his own hands. Almost as though each one of his pieces of work was individually made as one-of-a-kind. The preservation of his art forms throughout the time is a perfect testimony of his uniqueness, and the high quality of his work. The ongoing development of his interpressionism movement since it had introduced in 1989, brought a new breath of thinking about painting, sculpture, dance, and literature. His newly innovative interpressionism concepts ensure a bright future to the art industry. The mission of master Daniel Austin is to foster young talented artists whose new ideas will enrich with their innovative spirit and dynamism to humanity art repertoire.

    Important notice: All artworks on this website are copyrighted ©. No copy, reproduction, duplication, or any form of print of those artworks showing on this website is allow. Unless prior approval notice of the Artist creator (Master Daniel Austin). Federal law punish severely infringement from any copyrighted materials, such as artwork and intellectual property. The penalty for this violation is $25,000 minimum and 5 years imprisonment.      




    Understand Master Daniel Austin "Interpressionist" Slyle. 

    The Interpressionism Art, Movement, and Philosophy was created by Daniel Austin as a form of protest from his rebellious against the 'deja vu' and certain norms of the status quo of the academic teaching of art. Since three decades, the Artist has been working tirelessly to offer to the public a unique perspective in art, which has becomes a new form of expression. "My art is an interconnection of the reality to the abstract." Which is a combination of the formal elements of art to the informal elements of art. The unfinished forms all over the canvas, shadowed by some heavy and accentuated colors encompass in almost all his work, give life to his subjects and bring beauty to his subjects. Most of Austin artwork are mysterious, profound, philosophical sometimes mesmerizing or provocative. Its almost an invitation from Austin to us to a dialogue with ourselves. "As simple some of his work looks like, they hide either an adventure or a moral lesson. "My challenge is, when looking at my work, I want the viewer to not only appreciate its beauty, but to penetrate the subject and discover more." 



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